A brief analysis of southern weekend

He can chat with other line workers, but on the line there are no wasted movements; they have been analyzed and tested with a stopwatch, he said.

A brief analysis of southern weekend

Gamson WA Talking Politics. An excerpt of the frame matrix used in this study can be found in the Appendix. Very cold weather remains over Greece! Frames in the Chinese and US coverage General results. Economic Labor unions should be Suggest remedies 4. Second, the research presented in this study is uniquely important because it explores the news media both in the US and China, the two most prominent countries at two ends of the global production and supply chain that generate and perhaps add to the continua- tion of the sweatshop problem.

Though the sweatshop is a phenomenon regarding global social justice and world economy, very few articles discussed the Foxconn suicides case from an inter- national perspective.

Given that the unabridged video remains available on numerous mainstream China-based video websites four years later, the "leak" appears to have been either intentional or viewed as convenient, given the regime's determination to maintain secrecy in internal military matters.

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Dai's "internal report" was uploaded to the internet, where it created a firestorm of attention among military enthusiasts as a purported rare glimpse inside the PLA's secretive political training institutions.

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