A discussion on marijuana and the arguments in favor and against the legalization of it

Since prohibition is never going to stop people smoking dope, the state may as well make money out of it. In many cases, these negative effects are more pronounced in adolescents. Some of the arguments from the opposition include: Frequent marijuana use can seriously affect your short-term memory.

Marijuana for recreational use will have many adverse health effects. Alternatively, consideration can be given to prescribing FDA-approved medicines Dronabinol or Cesamet as the purity and concentration of these drugs are assured and their efficacy and side effect profiles have been well documented in rigorous clinical trials.

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You'll often find him writing about Obamacare, marijuana, drug and device development, Social Security, taxes, retirement issues and general macroeconomic topics of interest. In addition to contributing to problems such as contamination and concentration as discussed above, this practice also invites drug diversion.

Second-hand smoke from marijuana can be harmful to others. There are no significant fiscal reasons against U. Legalizing marijuana also opens up a new source of revenue for the states, and perhaps even the federal government.

Potentially therapeutic components of marijuana should be investigated, but they should only be made available to the public after adequately powered, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have demonstrated efficacy and acceptable safety profiles.

Frequent use can impair your cognitive ability. Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority, rising conservative groups lobbied for stricter marijuana laws.

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Marijuana is safer than some other medications prescribed to treat the same symptoms.

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Arguments for and against legalising cannabis