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It was the chief executive of the Orkney council who negotiated a really really great deal for the whole community when they were developing the oil terminal.

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We had a good spring. There are fantastic running gags the mad, offscreen, motorcyclist who terrorises the roads, the continual coughing up of coinage so Mac can phone Houston from the nearby telephone box , cracker jack dialogue "Are you sure there are two Is in dollar Gideon? Although it is oft-stated that the film belongs to the tartan whimsy of Brigadoon and Whisky Galore, a more pertinent antecedent might be Powell and Pressburger's I Know Where I Am Going which predates Hero's feel for landscape and sense of lilting Scottishness. But be forewarned: if you are in love with all that modern technology can offer, you will not like this film. In the film the way the characters Mac, Oldsen and Happer develop and change is a process of osmosis — the gradual, incremental ways they respond to the sea and the sky, captured visually by stunning cinematography. There is an omnipresent baby whose parents are never identified; a black African minister named Macpherson with an all-white congregation; a lone punk-rock groupie with a red-blue-and-green teased hairdo; and two beautiful women who probably function as muses, named Stella and Marina Jennifer Black and Jenny Seagrove. Goldcrest Films Small treasures Could its be down to the way the story is a timeless and prophetic eco-fable? Burt Lancaster. I was fairly dismissive of them before I had seen them, as you do with any British films. It was just continual work. This movie has the feel of a fairy tale, but there are some odd moments that may bother some kids. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about

None of this comedy is forced, always organically emerging from the quirks of character and situation. Mac's business savvy is transformed by the laid back life and Gordon's easy-going nature is consumed by the dollar signs in his eyes.

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What makes a film memorable are great moments, and this film is a series of great moments that stay with you long after the film is over. That was quite funny too.

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As much as anyone else I had a vague idea of what an oil executive would be and how he would function. It was the chief executive of the Orkney council who negotiated a really really great deal for the whole community when they were developing the oil terminal. The result of this bi-coastal shoot is that the village in Local Hero is a geological impossibility. They were beyond human. He takes familiar representations of Scotland, such as the village ceilidh, and finds new ways to tell a multi-layered, complex and nuanced story with lasting resonance. Why does the girl with the punk outfit say that she likes McIntyre? Marina swims with exceptional grace. Add your rating What's the story? The oil company is run by an eccentric billionaire Burt Lancaster who would really rather have a comet named after him than own all the oil in the world. What a great idea for a movie I was a very keen amateur astronomer when I was young and to some extent still am. It contains some sexually suggestive scenes. I had to write a two- or three-page treatment.

Given a larger canvas, director Forsyth has in no way attempted to overreach himself or the material, keeping things modest and intimate throughout, but displaying a very acute sense of comic insight.

The Glasgow-born Mr. What makes this material really work is the low-key approach of the writer-director, Bill Forsythwho also made the charming " Gregory's Girl " and has the patience to let his characters gradually reveal themselves to the camera.

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Why does the girl with the punk outfit say that she likes McIntyre? I was actually pooling a lot of information. Forsyth does with actors is to induce them to behave as though nothing would surprise them. The tale begins at the headquarters of gigantic Knox Oil, where it is learned - at a meeting in which everyone present has to whisper, because Felix Happer Burt Lancaster , the board chairman, is snoozing - that the company plans to replace a charming little Scottish fishing village, called Ferness, with an oil refinery. He is all technology of that period. How much did you know about Houston before you started writing? And it is very funny, too. Lancaster is less steadily present, appearing mostly at the film's beginning and at its end, but he brings with him sufficient authority when, say, he descends on Ferness out of the skies via helicopter and immediately begins ordering everyone around. That makes about as much sense as anything else that goes on here. Mac personifies modern man--out of touch with nature,out of touch with his own soul, who needs "electricity" to function. Because I was writing for Scotland and it was one of these countries that felt slightly inferior, I wanted to up the ante for it. In recent years its environmental credentials have crystallised into what now looks like a timely sermon about our over-reliance on oil. Do the villagers agree with him, since all but Ben are anxious to sell? Forsyth's other feature film released here, ''Gregory's Girl,'' was more than a happy accident.

In Local Hero he quietly folded that quirky voice into a capacious narrative about sea and sky hence the two main female characters named Marina and Stella but also the tectonic plates of the Cold War. Or is it the gradual seduction of cynical American oilman Mac — sent to negotiate the deal — by the people and the landscape?

An entertaining, low-key gem.

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The deal came before the plot. Denis was the first choice. I had very good casting help from Suzy Figgis. The album was certified a BPI silver record.

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