An analysis of the many contradicting definitions of desertification

This demonstrates pre-existing human-made land degradation exacerbated by droughts. The deterioration of productive ecosystems is an obvious and serious threat to human progress. The second concentrates on soil and water conservation.

With the advice and financial help of the World Bank, the government changed its strategy, abandoning the traditional nomadism and bringing industrial fodder for the animals with water and possibilities to be moved by truck.

Desertification is of particular interest to climatologists in their attempts to understand climate variation and change on both short and long time scales e.

desertification definition

Most of these contemporary definitions relate desertification to what, broadly speaking, might be viewed as the desert fringes. After the end of the drought in the Sahel inhealing occurred naturally in the graminaceous grazing lands, but to a lesser extent. Vegetation degradation increases water erosion in the water catchments and concentration of colluvial material in the valleys, which is indeed profitable to vegetation but only in concentrated locations.

Le Houerou, have discussed the phenomenon since the late s. Google Scholar Johnson, D. Agro-Ecosystems

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