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The policy started with the National Housing Act under President Franklin Roosevelt who wanted to fight home foreclosures at the time of the Great Depression Gaspaire 1.

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In many African American schools. I will definitely add this excerpt to my list of readings that have influenced my feelings on the cruelty of racism and slavery. Americas Black Holocaust Museum, n. If you did so you faced prosecution or even violence. Home equity is a huge asset because depending on your location over time it can increase significantly and you can use that money for multiple sources or even save it up. Since African Americans and Whites had separate facilities, if a town did not have enough money to build two facilities only one would be built that served only whites this was the case for education Adedapo 1. Washington University, Jan. Redlining lead to minorities not having services provided to them because of the location they were in.

Many job industries did not want to hire African Americans and even if they did white and black employees were not to work in the same room in some jobs Jim Crow pg 8. Whites and colored people were not allowed to eat together, play sports together, and interracial marriage was not allowed also.

Since certain African Americans borrow more to make ends meet and pay bills they have a tougher time of paying back their debts to low salaries nittle 1.

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Watson, contributed step-by-step to Nazi power, and advanced the Holocaust. Where 7 out of the 8 African Americans who bought their homes did so on their own. By going to college and gaining a degree in your field you have the potential to be anything you want as long as you put the effort in it.

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This basically was White men who painted their faces black and imitated African Americans.

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