Analysis of oxygen uptake

Higher MNG values mean faster aerobic responses.

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Larger clinical sample sizes would be advantageous but are not always feasible in young people who are sick. These properties make it a good candidate for real-time prediction for future implementations in embedded systems.

Analysis of oxygen uptake

However, as the current study builds upon this previous work and is the first to comprehensively examine OUE at multiple metabolic thresholds in children and adolescents with CF, only limited comparisons can be made, as no previous research has provided values against which to compare our novel data.

Furthermore, the only application of OUE in clinical groups has been in adults with heart failure Sun et al. This procedure eliminates the influence of the system static gain over the temporal characteristics of the system which ultimately are related to aerobic power 242526 A random forest model comprises a set of individual binary decision trees see Fig.

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An in silico analysis of oxygen uptake of a mild COPD patient during r