Animals and humans shoul be treated

animal rights

Animals do not have rights in the same way that humans have rights Some animals have fewer rights than others Cynics suggest that animals that don't look cute have fewer rights A more logical approach reduces the rights by criteria like these: Simpler animals have fewer rights than more complex animals Animals with less apparent consciousness have fewer rights Animals with less social behaviour have fewer rights Animals that appear to feel pain and fear less, have fewer rights Animals that do harm have fewer rights even though they are not morally responsible for the harm they do.

Likewise, joy is an emotion associated with an excited but pleasant body state in an agreeable environment. The working of the human brain cannot be understood without taking culture into account. Craig AD Significance of the insula for the evolution of human awareness of feelings from the body.

treat animals with kindness and respect

New York: Basic Blackwell. Endangered species have more right not to be killed than members of other species this is not really a rights point - more a wish to preserve the diversity of the world Human beings should aim to treat animals in the way that is best for the animals concerned, where this does not conflict with what is best for human beings.

Things that animals do not have.

treating animals humanely is important to me because

Otherwise, they argue, we should be prepared to give animals the same rights that we readily give these marginal case humans. Therefore, some argue, since having a larger brain is just another quirk, like having larger tusks, animals should have many of the same rights as humans.

How should we treat animals essay

If the only difference between humans and animals is that of a higher intelligence, does that justify that we treat ourselves better than the animals? However, we should not treat them as humans because it is often inhumane to do so. What moves us to treat animals well is our empathy, our compassion, our sense of fairness and our cultural values. So far 11, mink have been recovered alive, 15, mink have died and about 14, are unaccounted for. Mammals, birds and some other animals have a set of six basic emotions listed by Ekman: anger, fear, disgust, joy, sadness and surprise. Of course, the model is not always right, but nevertheless it is extremely valuable because it lets us predict the behavior of people around us. They are not animals and should never be treated as such. Pain Language and culture.

What has been becoming clear is that we humans possess a kind of consciousness that no other animal has: the ability to see ourselves as selves extending from the pass to the future [pp.

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We need to stop treating animals like humans