Apple marketing case study

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Competitors like Sony, Nokia and Samsung cannot achieve the sustainable competitive advantage just because of the competitive and imitative marketing strategy. Apple Distribution Strategies Apple uses two types of distribution strategies in the organization that is indirect distribution strategy and direct distribution strategy.

apple iphone marketing strategy

In the developing countries, the people are not motivated to buy the products because they are happy using features but not the advanced features, however, the people of the developed countries want to stay upgrade with the time.

This strategy will also lower risk of growing markets. Apple has significant growth rates and cash flows Hasan, Their products are also available to the customer online and everywhere in the world.

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As we are moving deep into technological age, Apple Inc is investing heavily on technological research and development on new technological innovations which is why today the company as being regarded as the ultimate leading innovation company.

The Microenvironment: As accreted by Armstrong the microenvironment includes the external driving forces that outside the organisation that also affect the marketing position of the organisation either positively of negatively. The use of logo in the media is available by iTunes purchases by the advertisement commercials, billboards, magazines etc.

Apple marketing case study

The brand wants the consumer to be able to use any Apple product right away rather than spending hours loading software or setting up your machine. Every aspect of your website should be consistent with those words you chose to describe your brand, from graphics to fonts to color scheme. This amazing prospect gives Apple high customer loyalty and high customer satisfactory rate. For coaches or consultants, the competitive advantage could mean beautifully branded deliverables, in addition to work sessions or Skype calls. Zylla-Woellner, J. By given such avenue a customer enjoy great brand experience and also allow customers to have brand trust. These are major strategies that the Apple is following and using to attract more customers and to earn profits in large amount Holmquist, Strategies for Market Development Apple is trying to enter a new market like Tablets, Mac Book etc so that they can attract more customers and can earn more profits. Opportunities: Apple Inc. Images not only create visual interest on your page and break up long blocks of boring text — they can also help communicate your message and convert readers to subscribers. Apple is focused on innovation this is the reason it is an established brand, which has technological gadgets. They should take part in the social corporate responsibility programs. Next, they mapped each of the articles to a specific emotion, such as joy, anger, sadness, happiness, laughter, amusement, empathy, etc. The company also use a unique logo positioning style where the logo light comes up when you open the laptop and positioned at the back.
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(DOC) Strategic marketing: A case study of Apple Inc.