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Food and nutrition scheme of work

Selected a varied range of relevant dishes closely reflecting the research and chosen task. Students must select appropriate technical skills and processes and create 3—4 dishes to showcase their skills. If you identify malpractice after the student has signed the declaration of authentication, the head of your school or college must submit full details of the case to us at the earliest opportunity. Good evidence of time management. Students must work independently eg making their own judgements about cooking methods and making changes to recipes to improve palatability. Teacher standardisation We will provide support for using the marking criteria and developing appropriate tasks through teacher standardisation. Please see section Food preparation assessment for more guidance. Sensory testing with some analysis. Avoiding malpractice Please inform your students of the AQA regulations concerning malpractice. Any changes to marks will normally keep your rank order but, where major inconsistencies are found, we reserve the right to change the rank order. Medium demand Make pasta dough, roll to the required thickness and make pasta sheets for a pasta dish. Roasted vegetable flan with reduced fat ingredients to improve the nutritional properties. For the majority of the processes appropriate equipment selected and used with some accuracy.

You may organise an alternative supervised session for students who were absent at the time you originally arranged. Students create practical outcomes and demonstrate the technical skills listed in Food preparation skills.

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All three dishes were produced within the 3 hour period. Some costing of the final dishes with limited analysis. Students must work safely and hygienically.

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Skill Raising agent — Steam as a raising agent Complex highest mark band Make choux pastry, correct consistency and piped accurately. Produced a clear, logical and accurate plan including selecting appropriate techniques for the making of the final dishes with some dovetailing. Final dishes are costed with the results of this costing analysed and explained. The head of the school or college is responsible for making sure that NEA is conducted in line with our instructions and Joint Council for Qualifications JCQ instructions. The more complex the skills, the higher the level of demand. Satisfactory attempt to follow the time plan with adequate application of food safety principles. Good review of technical skills leads to appropriate final dishes.

Roasted vegetable flan with reduced fat ingredients to improve the nutritional properties. Students should: record and analyse the sensory properties taste, texture, aroma and appearance of the three final practical dishes carry out nutritional analysis of the three final dishes analyse the cost of the three final dishes.

Photographic evidence will be needed to authenticate the technical skills.

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Students must have some direct supervision to ensure that the work submitted can be confidently authenticated as their own. Selecting unchallenging skills would prevent students reaching the top mark band. Mark Description 25—30 Competently executes a wide range of complex technical skills and processes to an excellent standard such as filleting fish or cutting vegetables with precision and accuracy eg julienne in the making of the three final dishes. The time plan will include some appropriate timings, reference to food safety and limited dovetailing. Selects and uses appropriate equipment confidently and accurately. The application of food safety principles will be credited and assessed when making the final dishes Section D. Students must work safely and hygienically. Submitting marks You must check that the correct marks are written on the Candidate record form and that the total is correct. Students should: analyse the task by explaining the research requirements carry out relevant research and analysis related to the: life stage, dietary group or culinary tradition identify a range of dishes eg by mind-mapping, or using annotated images select and justify a range of technical skills to be used in the making of different dishes. Two assessment criteria give students the opportunity to gain marks for demonstrating their food preparation skills — 'demonstrating technical skills' and 'making the final dishes'.
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