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In order to perform this task successfully, you should conform to general business standards of content, format, structure and language use.

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The managers approved the proposal that Gina presented. Edit for wordiness and get directly to the point. While several pages of thinking might get written as you come up with the answer, the memo includes only the answer. Refer to a dictionary, writing style guide, etc. Language Use A memo is often less formal than a letter, but should still be written with a businesslike tone.

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Use a checklist of common mechanical errors. I would like to extend my thanks to you for your aid and assistance on the Humbolt operation. Do you want action? How do you know? Review the effective use of and PowerPoint. What concerns do you have with your own writing? Is the document appropriate for its audience?

Enclosure: Final Report 2 Copies 26 The Body of the Formal Report Introduction should reveal a topic sentence and clarify the purpose of the report and organization strategy you will use.

Hook or angle : encourages the reader to continue reading e. Other Facts Confirm the accuracy of other facts by checking reliable records and sources.

Data -- Data is the plural for datum, which means "a fact or proposition. Write all ideas in big circles and connect associated ideas. Decide what information to include or exclude: Sort through the ideas you generated during your brainstorming session.

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What are the independent clauses in these examples? End-of-Month testing II. What did you do? Pay attention to decimals, rounding, and percentages. Did you review literature, conduct a field experiment or survey? The manual produced for the University of Alabama in Huntsville Writing Center should reflect these findings. Complete the sample practice exercise handout and then compare your answers with those provided on the next slide. You extended the curfew further than you should have. Two Main Types of Business Report Readers Skimmers — read quickly and look for key words in reports — look for bulleted information. Which is why I climbed the fence. Perform word processor spelling and grammar checks. Use a comma and conjunction. How would you approach her? The end result of our in-house, on-site production activities is various different products and output.

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Basic Business Writing