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At recess, Leslie joins the boys to race too. When Jess learns Leslie is to be cremated he snaps and runs back to his house, where he has a confrontation with and hits May Belle. School is difficult for Jess to endure, though the strict Mrs.

This post is part of the series: Study Guides for Bridge to Terabithia Bridge to Terabithia is a novel commonly taught in elementary and junior high schools, used to illustrate a number of literary themes.

Bridge to terabithia chapter quizzes pdf

Assure students that all responses are valid and important to the discussion. They write a love letter to Janice, pretending it is from the boy all the seventh graders including Janice have a crush on, and arrange for Janice to meet this boy one day after school. After Christmas, Leslie starts to help her dad renovate their house, which cuts into the amount of time she can spend with Jesse. Jess gets a phone call from Miss Edmunds. How can you gain from a loss? Worksheets for completeness and effort. Have students self-assess their cards using the checklist before you review all trading cards for completeness.

Jess is the only boy in a family of four sisters, each of whom has their own special way of annoying Jess. Jess continues to avoid her and waits impatiently for recess, eager to be the fastest boy and beat Gary Fulcher.

However, they finagle a way to get new clothes and Jess receives nothing. He shows his drawings only to his sister, May Belle, and his music teacher, Miss Edmunds.

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There they both feel safe, expressing their secrets to one another, with Leslie telling Jesse stories he has never heard. What strategies for keeping a friend would you like to try in one of your current friendships?

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Jess goes to his room and begins to draw. Jess escapes the tension of his family to return to Terabithia with Leslie. Invite volunteers to share a few responses to each question and write their answers on the chart paper you have prepared. May Belle insists that Jess beat Janice up, but Leslie convinces her that it is a bad idea. Her only friend at school is Jesse. Chapter 4: The first week of school drags by for Jess, especially since Leslie continues to beat him and all the other boys at their recess races. And finally, at the close of the chapter Jess meets his new neighbor, Leslie Burke, for the first time. The next day she is livid that he didn't show up and she had to walk home from school alone. Have you ever lost a friend or a family member? Who else in the book besides Jess and Leslie might the song lyrics fit? Discuss the What Is Friendship? Which ones did they use as their friendship developed over time? You may wish to share samples of students' trading cards that meet your expectations.

Jess is cold and miserable and is thankful that Leslie suggests going home to watch television.

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