Clep precalculus examination guide

A solid understanding of these types of functions is at the core of all precalculus courses, and it is a prerequisite for enrolling in calculus and other college-level mathematics courses.

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In some cases, test forms are assembled in their entirety. Most CLEP Precalculus questions are given in multiple-choice format, but some of them may ask you to input your answer instead of presenting answer choices. We are also exceptionally proud to be the official test prep provider of the DSST which provides college credit by exam for our men and women in uniform across the globe.

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Let other students know by leaving a review below. Questions on the exam will present these types of functions symbolically, graphically, verbally or in tabular form.

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Why take the CLEP? These forms are of comparable difficulty and are therefore interchangeable.

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CLEP Precalculus