Coming into language by jimmy baca

Months later I was released, as I had suspected I would be. I had stepped over that line where a human being has lost more than he can bear, where the pain is too intense, and he knows he is changed forever. Spiraling down another rabbit hole, he drifted back down into the solitary darkness and emptiness. He showed that if one has the urge to self teach yourself with discipline can be taught. I enjoyed the quiet, away from the screams of shotgunned, knifed, and mangled kids writhing on gurneys outside the operating rooms. He began to break. I could hear the jailer making his rounds on the other tiers. Baca shows being able to properly express your feelings, beliefs, and ideas can be all the difference ones well being.

Analysis Of Jimmy Santiago Baca 's Coming Into Language Essay - Jimmy Santiago Baca had spent five years in a maximum security prison when he decided to make a choice that many inmates do not have the opportunity to make; he decided to learn to read and write.

Baca seemed to absorb his environment. I had no connection to this life. Bookstores intimidated her, because she, too, could neither read nor write. Works Cited Baca, Jimmy. He grew up speaking only slang and even though he was well respected for being one of the best speakers in the streets, it didn 't get him very far when he needed to be seen in the eyes of professionals.

JSB [ii] In Chicano dialect: strung out. With shocking speed I found myself handcuffed to a chain gang of inmates and bused to a holding facility to await trial.

His interest began to grow more and more when he would read novels from great american authors and poetry about speaking with a soul and using his mind as a escape from the actual reality of him being in a jail cell wrongfully accused with out evidence to actually say he was there.

A person is able to express their thoughts and feelings in any way they choose.

jimmy santiago baca

My uncle has been in and out of person most of his life, and never has he came home with some kind of journal about what he was thinking and feeling.

The committee in the jail wanted nothing to do with it and refused his idea. We can not build a time machine and travel to the past to change things and we cant predict the future without traveling forward in time.

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Coming into Language by Jimmy Santiago Baca