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Krishna knew that the leader of Kaurava princes, Duryodhana, was a wicked person who had relentlessly pursued the Pandavas for years to have them killed so that Pandavas would have no claim to the throne.

It is the leader who decides how the work has to be done and by whom.

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Younger generation doesn't want you to tell or show how things are done, they want to know the meaning of their task and how it makes difference in this world.

Such is his selfless nature that upon the completion of 14 years forest stay, en route his return journey to Ayodhya, he sends his friend Hanuman ahead. Krishna states: Both you and I have taken many births.

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The servant leader accomplishes a shared vision of the group by facilitating each and every team members. Modern leadership literature documents the association between crisis and manifestation of charisma in political leaders House, Spangler, and Woycke, Descriptions of each of the nine characteristics of Navdha Bhakti relating to devotional leadership are as follows: Shravanam Listening - Listening with a high degree of attentiveness brings about a good communication between the listener and the person who speaks. In Spears, L. Autocratic style reminds me of a dictator. Keywords: transformational leadership, servant leadership, devotional leadership, Bhakti; Srimad-Bhagavatam; Ramayana. Krishna too is always grounded in reality. However, when an organization enters the maturity stage, concern for employees and their personal growth, which servant leadership supports, appears to be significant for effective leadership. They approach Duryodhana's uncle, Shakuni, to suggest a good method to vanquish the Pandavas. While the scholarly debate on the historicity of Mahabharata and the date it started is likely to continue, for most Hindus, the reality of Krishna has never been in question. Transformational leadership brings about a positive change among the people to foster a sense of belongingness for the group. Arjuna then went on to lead his armies into the battle that has become known as the Mahabharata war, with Krishna acting as his charioteer and guide. Drupad announces his daughter, Draupadi's swayamvara. Rama is not specially known for his strategic or tactical thinking or decisions.

The Game of Dice Well aware of Yudhisthira's fondness for gambling, Shakuni asks them to arrange an elaborate game of dice and invite the Pandavas to Hastinapura to play the game with them. In Spears, L. Purkey, W.

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I want to be a leader; however I must understand my leadership style at this moment to understand where I am at, where I want to be, and what I need to do to get there. Many wars with Jarasandha. The organizations culture and goals determine which type of leader or leadership style work best for the company. Shri Krishna's message gives Arjuna renewed spiritual strength to fight the battle. Fullan, M. In the context of this perspective, we see that Krishna meets the criteria of a servant-leader. Is it Lord Ram or Lord Krishna? The intercorrelation So, if we view all human beings, regardless of their nationality, religion, color, race, and ethnicity as part of our larger family, we must also understand that when nations conduct wars against each other, it is essentially distant cousins who have to battle and either kill or be killed. Building of the bridge to Lanka. While Rama established dharma by setting a model for generations to come, by living his life by dharma, Krishna sought out adharma, destroyed it and established dharma. He could have got control and rule Kishkinda and Lanka, but in both places, he places their rightful kings in their thrones and moves on. Weber, M. New York: Dell Publishing Group, Purkey, W.

His decision of renunciation of Sita is widely believed to be a lack of strategic or tactical thinking, but this thinking is incorrect since he had no other options and no amount of strategizing would have resolved the problem.

Pandu dies of a curse, leaving behind Kunti. Cambridge University Press, 43, Shakuni, being a spineless cheat, famous for employing unfair means to win the game, keeps tempting Yudhishtira to play more hands.

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Leading organizations: Perspectives for a new era. One is called Ramayan and other is called Mahabharata. Handbook of research on educational administration, 2nd ed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, , I incarnate from time to time for protecting the good, for transforming the wicked, and for establishing Dharma, the world order 4. Padasevanam is service of the weak in the team and service of the whole humanity at large. This is when Panchali takes her terrible vow. When Vibhishana comes in surrender, he gladly accepts him as a friend instead of killing him as advised. In Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kanda, Chapter [Sarga] 42 Hanuman discloses his identity and says, "I am Hanuman, the destroyer of the army of adversaries and the son of wind-god. Novak, J. Date of the Mahabharata war based on Simulations using Planetarium Software. Transformational leadership is more suitable for a dynamic external environment, where employees are empowered with greater responsibility and encouraged to innovate, take initiative and risk. All of a sudden, the horrific reality of what is about to happen overwhelms Arjuna and he is thrown into great sorrow at the prospect of death and destruction of families on both sides. Drupad announces his daughter, Draupadi's swayamvara.

The Ramayana and Mahabharata are vastly different. Instead, Krishna offers to serve Arjuna and be his charioteer in the battles of the Mahabharata war.

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Thus, Panchali becomes the wife of the five Pandavas.

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What’s your managerial style: like Lord Ram or Lord Krishna?