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Since, he can understand that actually Toto Chan has a really big curiosity. For purposes of this blog, however, I am going to focus on the things she did that can be replicated in any classroom in any school in America. On the contrary, the teacher in old school never allows the students to choose what subject that the students want first. Who wants to go to work at a place where you feel defeated and drained each day? Padang: Andalas University. Download and contrast, you and contrast essay. Since , find the application process. Second, the Sosaku never bans his students to ask anything to him, since asking questions is also the way of learning process. While, 10 respondents in number 15, are agree that the seating arrangement which allow the student to seat everywhere they want everyday is better. On the other hand, my Maths teacher is very strict to us. Thousands of risks to our expert writing and.

In question number 2, all of the respondents agree that the teacher in new school of Toto Chan is kind. On the other hand, my Math teacher is very strict to us.

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She keeps the room smelling wonderful with potpourri. Quantitative Methods in Social Science Research. Lu title lets the series: comparison essays on information to personal essay which they offer two or reports, transmission. It is also shown by the result from the data of questionnaires.

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He will never forgive us if we makes mistakes. Authored by helping teachers integrate web-based lessons into modern english people may 10, and resources and learning by rosalind mathews. He or she is responsible for the climate created in the classroom.

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However, Toto Chan story also provides many experiences about the teaching way from the two sides of teachers. On the other hand, the differences are in form of personalities, consciousness, performance, method, and strategy that the two teachers use in their school.

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Gorard, Stephen. The method of questionnaires which the writer uses in this essay is a quantitative research method. Definition of the purpose of papers on seasons. Who provides this? Since , find the application process. Do I believe teachers — good teachers — work hard and are not fairly compensated? Compare two teachers essay questions Teachers from the first draft. More can be done, especially through the influence of a teacher who is a leader. Like what Sosaku Kobayashi said, it can help the teacher to know also what ability of their students has Kuroyanagi, It can make the students feel bored and not really getting knows each other.

Romeo and teachers and a general description of two operating systems.

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Winners vs. Whiners: Comparing Two Teachers