Comparingcontrasting the replies of chinese essay

Compare and contrast china and japan economy

Tokyo: Charles E. The elites of both countries responded to the challenges posed by Western penetration by initiating reforms. Japan was able to ward off the threats of imperialism, and emerge as a world power. When there is a conflict between the two, our duty to our parents usually outweighs that to the ruler. In , the new imperial commissioner Lin Tze-hsu arrived in Canton and confiscated 20, chests of opium from the British. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. In Commodore Perry was sent by the United states to give an ultimatum to Japan to open its ports, and when he returned the next year the Japanese authorities accepted to negotiate with him Storry, Rosenberg, This could be due to the fact that they were more reluctant to westernize so they were not trying to fund as many new programs as the Japanese were.

Both came into the Japanese culture as part of the Confucian influence, but they are treated differently in China and Japan. Analysis should be included directly before the Direct Comparison in each paragraph. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

compare and contrast essay between two cultures

China Published by admin on June 5, Compare and contrast essay between two countries- United States vs. Thus, the Guptas felt a system relying on the naturally-created regional divisions in India would work best for that population.

Tokyo: Charles E.

comparing and contrasting china and japans responses to western powers

Chinese culture emphasizes more on collectivism The American culture tends to emphasize on individualism. It created the Institute for the Investigation of Barbarian Books, which in was an office in charge of translating Western texts, and by became a school of Western knowledge and languages.

Chinese cultural pride was just too deeply ingrained, so much so that it became an impediment, blinding many Chinese and preventing them from recognizing the need to learn from the barbarians and for fundamental change.

Comparingcontrasting the replies of chinese essay

They were inward looking and were encouraged by the conservative Confucianistic beliefs of their emperors to cling to the ancient and traditional ways of the past Imperialism has had both a positive and negative effects on the countries involved. Learning how different people do their things differently from us is an experience to behold. In that period, neither of them had the power to stand up to the Western nations, and eventually both had to sign unequal treaties that forced them to open their ports and cities to foreign merchants. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Sharpe, The reforms in the Meiji Restoration not only replicated the material manufacturing technology, but also touched the inner and deeper parts of Western civilization that included political structures and legal systems, and Western types of philosophy, culture and ways of thinking. These two values are related: both are the duties we owe to our superiors. Cultural differences between China and America. Chinese culture emphasizes more on collectivism The American culture tends to emphasize on individualism. During the Qing dynasty, trade was greatly discouraged The Industrial Revolution in Europe and the United States had created a wide gap between them and the West, leaving the two Asian nations behind technologically and military.

It is because of this that the third similarity arose — both did trade by ocean.

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Compare And Contrast Japan And China Essay Example