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Questionable sources of information.

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In the Conclusion section, state the most important outcome of your work. How to Form a Hypothesis The first step of a psychological investigation is to identify an area of interest and develop a hypothesis that can then be tested.

Control groups A well-conducted and controlled clinical trial could provide sufficient evidence to establish a relationship between the use of a herbal medicine or traditional procedure-based therapy and the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of an illness, provided there is a supporting body of evidence from observational or mechanistic studies.

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The study design may be chosen from a whole spectrum of clinical research designs which are suitable for assessing traditional medicine see Annex VIIincluding: Single-case design Single-case designs have the advantage of being adaptable to the clinical needs of the patient and the therapeutic approach of the practitioner, but have limitations due to their lack of generalization to other patients.

Instead, state the message of each paragraph upfront: Convey in the first sentence what you want readers to remember from the paragraph as a whole.

Mention these things early in your paragraph, ideally in the first sentence. Even the most well-intentioned outlets and highly trained journalists suffer from this sometimes. A well-conducted and precisely written research should always be open to scientific criticism.

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What is Research? Definition and steps of the scientific method