Description of a place writing a letter

To be concrete, descriptive writing has to offer specifics the reader can envision. Do not write two pages if one will do.

example of descriptive paragraph describing a place

A warm wind for February, laden with the hot greasy scents of frying pancakes and sausage and powdery-sweet waffles cooked on the hotplate right there by the roadside, with the confetti sleeting down collars and cuffs and rolling in the gutters.

Stephenie Meyer, when writing Twilight, decided she needed a rainy place near a forest to fit key plot elements. The white spokes on the wheels of the unicycle gather in the center and expand to the black tire so that the wheel somewhat resembles the inner half of a grapefruit.

Be clear and to the point. My Uber driver looked like a deflating airbag and sounded like talk radio on repeat. As a cherished gift from my good friend Tran, this colorful figure greets me with a smile every time I enter my room.

So use it. The Quileute story is fascinating, and a few fictional members of the tribe quickly became intrinsic to my story.

Notice how Kingston integrates informative and descriptive details in this account of "the metal tube" that holds her mother's diploma from medical school. Finding Vocabulary for Describing a Place How do you help your child study his subject and choose strong words that make his writing sparkle?

describing a place creative writing

This is called the salutation.

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How to Write a Letter