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You might want to also discuss the impact of and issues related to having one's own medical record online, either at one's health care organization's website or in the cloud. How realistic did Orwell's view of the future turn out to be?

What is the completion rate? Discuss ways to deal with some of the risks.

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For example, a student in the Sustainability Pathway who identifies the availability of clean water as an issue or problem might explain and analyze how two different courses e.

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Consider privacy of transactions, volatility, inflation, use by criminals, etc. Read critically. Have they fulfilled their promise? Looks at expectations for and attitudes about many earlier technological devices.

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Briefly analyze this issue or problem from the perspective of two different disciplines that you encountered in Pathway courses. Some see what a really good paper looks like. Andrew Oram et al. Describe and evaluate technical solutions, current legislation and regulation, and any significant proposed legislation. How is the Web used in elementary schools? From there you can create your outline, using headings and gaps for the information you have to fill in. Safety-critical applications. Digital money. What are its negative uses? Health information on the Web. Children and cellphones. Concentrate on AI systems in sensitive applications, for example, sentencing and parole decisions. What social benefits and problems did they anticipate?
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