Entertainment as the societys priority

fahrenheit 451 society values

A lot of adults are drawn to these activities too. They would sit on the bus, work on assignments in class, go through cafeteria lines and eat their lunches—music being pumped into their ears the whole time.

Are the objectives of public relations companies the objectives of the world in general? If you have children at home, you need to be especially aware of your example.

fahrenheit 451 society quotes

One other issue worth noting is that the constant influence of passive entertainment may also be stifling our creative abilities. As considerable an influence as books, newspapers and posters were during that time, their impact was not tumultuous enough to displace a paradigm in which social interaction, vocational life, religion and art were some the principal ways to expand on the notion of human experience.

The issue is not that mass media presents us with entertaining subject matter, but rather that all subject matter is presented as entertaining.

It is a world where one loses the ability to take seriously what lies outside of the world of appearances, due to an over-reliance on images instead of words.

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