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Halmstad University Press has more information regarding the publication. The individual study plan shall state what activities in the doctoral education contribute to the achievement of the qualitative targets. Decision regarding admission It is the Committee for Doctoral Education FUU that makes the decision regarding admission to doctoral education. Credit transfers Doctoral Education In accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, a student who is attending a university within the country can transfer the credits of completed courses to another university. These qualitative targets describe what knowledge and skills the doctoral student is expected to have upon completing the education. Students who have been admitted to doctoral education with the intention to take a licentiate degree and during the study period wants to change the final goal of the studies must make a notification for this, if there are funding opportunities for the entire study period. Section 39 A person meets the general entry requirements for third-cycle courses and study programmes if he or she: has been awarded a second-cycle qualification has satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least credits of which at least 60 credits were awarded in the second-cycle, or has acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad. The application regarding the public defence of a doctoral thesis contains suggestions with regard to dates, examining committee, opponent and chairman of the public defence. Errata Sheet Changes to Chapter 8. In certain cases, a short amendment may be sufficient. For compilation theses, all parts of the thesis have to be registered in DiVA before the thesis is registered and the full-version of the introductory chapter is made available.

Errata Sheet Changes to Chapter 8. Special grounds which allow you to continue your studies after leave can be social, medical or other mitigating circumstances such as caring for children or student union assignments.

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The archive at Halmstad University shall also have one copy of the thesis. Several doctoral students have chosen to transfer to Halmstad University's doctoral education. This also occurs before some licentiate seminars.

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This form should be submitted in at least three months prior to the preliminary date set for the licentiate seminar. In certain cases it is enough that the principal supervisor has significant and documented ties to Halmstad University. See more Each School determines how the dissertation should otherwise be made available.

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Credit transfers cannot be carried out if there is a substantial difference between programmes. Public defence of doctoral and licentiate thesis The doctoral education culminates in handing in a doctoral thesis, or in some cases a licentiate thesis as a part or the end of the doctoral education.

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With regard to transferring credits obtained during the doctoral education at the University, it is, according to the Guidelines for examination at doctoral level at Halmstad University, the student's principal supervisor who decides how many credits a course should be worth as well as what other courses taken at another university should be worth. You can also find more information in the chapter Employment as a doctoral student. The principal supervisor's responsibilities In accordance with the University's guidelines regarding doctoral education, the principal supervisor is responsible for: establishing an individual study plan no later than three months after the doctoral student has been admitted, making decisions regarding a course's credit value and transferring credits. Entry requirements In order to be admitted into doctoral education, the applicant is required to fulfil basic requirements, and fulfil the special requirements in accordance with the general syllabus for each respective subject at research level. Errata Sheet Changes to Chapter 8. Judgement and approach For a Degree of Licentiate the third-cycle student shall demonstrate the ability to make assessments of ethical aspects of his or her own research, demonstrate insight into the possibilities and limitations of research, its role in society and the responsibility of the individual for how it is used, and demonstrate the ability to identify the personal need for further knowledge and take responsibility for his or her ongoing learning. Send the insert and the following information to Grahpic Designer at the Communications Department, with a copy to the relevant Communicator at the School: Whether it is a doctoral thesis or a licentiate thesis. Layout A template for the insert of the thesis and instructions on how to use this template can be downloaded from Halmstad University Press. This form should be submitted in at least three months prior to the preliminary date set for the licentiate seminar. Change of supervisor A doctoral student who requests it, has the right to change supervisor according to the Higher Education Ordinance. Therefore, please take this into consideration and contact the Communications Department in good time. The application is signed by the applicant, the Head of School and the Director of Studies before it is handed over to the Committee for Doctoral Education. Furthermore, the applicant must have the ability to acquire the advanced learning of the doctoral education. The supervisor s is responsible for questions and queries concerning the content. The Research and Education Board is responsible for approving the general syllabus.
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