First confession summary

The analysis begins with subject of situation: once that is identified to formulate a thematic statement about work. Alone in the dark, Jackie faces his worst fear, which is for his true intentions to be seen and judged. To protect the anonymity of contributors, we've removed their names and personal information from the essays.

Years later, Andrea has grown up. The two notice a local shop owner, a woman, exchanging sexual favors for money. In fact their lives are mysterious to her and a source of endless fascination. It may also be significant that Mrs Ryan is dressed in a black cloak. And she ates the potatoes off the table with her hands.

The priest tells him both of these violent urges are normal and reasonable, even while he scolded Nora for a much smaller act of violence against Jackie.

However, her conception of penance—the Catholic ritual of atonement for sin—as punishment rather than an opportunity for redemption shows how punitive and judgmental their exposure to the Church has been.

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She slaps him on the ear, and he begins to cry. They remain silent about the entire affair for years, but neither of them are accepted by their community again.

As they keep watching her, the kids decide her elicit business is probably profitable enough to generate a lot of cash. Nora tries to get him to sit at the table and Jackie attacks her with the bread-knife.

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First Confession Summary