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Most of the small towns are of course divided by hills. The challenges need to be dealt with one on one. Structural boundaries can be roads. For similar communities? According to the Campaign for Action the best way to get better community health nursing is for these nurses to become part of the leadership teams that are making decisions Challenges for the same community? Geographic boundaries do non needfully hold to be shared in a phenomenological community. They practice without professional supervision. There is debate on the State of Jefferson; this is a growing movement of people who want to form a new state from southern Oregon to just north of Sacramento. Challenges to working in different communities would largely relate to communication and culture. What is a phenomenological community to which you belong? Ervin suggested that a healthy economy is key to a functional, healthy population. Some under privileged communities need this voice. Green and Kreuter identified affordable housing and the availability of employment as prerequisites for healthy communities. Thus to overcome challenges like ethnocultural characteristics and risk factors while designing a pattern of care for a community, the community health nurse needs to be aware of the composition of each community type, character role and capabilities of the population group.

Benefits for community health nurses in different communities are bringing new ideas and tolerances to a different community. Nepal is full of mountains.

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Retrieved from www. Bridgess or rail route paths. The value of community health nursing: a phenomenological study of the perceptions of community health nurses.

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Annu Rev Public Health Human-made boundaries can be structural. Public health nurse are large autonomous.

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Perhaps the nurse knows individuals or families she is trying to help but they do not want to be that vulnerable. Because this group shares common interests with me and my family. I have also had the great fortune to care for those who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses such as cancer and leukemia. To get the better of the challenges some of the best patterns for guaranting on traveling competences include peer reappraisal. What is a phenomenological community to which you belong? A phenomenological community can be thought of as an assembly of persons who portion the same point of view. All of us live in a geopolitical community and most of us are part of many phenomenological communities. My geopolitical community is Turlock, California.

This study explores and describes the value of community health nursing from the perspective of community health nurses.

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