Gibberellic acid coursework

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The shoot growth of plants grown in low and medium concentrations of gibberellic acid were not statistically different from each other, but did result in statistically greater growth than the high concentration of gibberellic acid infused media and all of the sprays. An additional study, conducted in , looked at the effects of gibberellic acid on Solanum tuberosum growth and tumor formation. Recipes Although GA is not listed as a "poison", the following precautions should be observed: Flush with water any GA that may get into the eye. Regardless, for both root and shoot growth, the plants grown in low or medium concentrations of gibberellic acid infused agar had the greatest increase in growth. After three days, the plates designated for gibberellic acid solution sprays were brought into the tissue culture lab. I did my best, and rotated my ruler to account for all of the different curves of the shoots, but perhaps an easier method would have been to remove the plant from the agar and measure it on a flat surface. Gibberellic acid is a relatively easily obtainable organic compound that is already being used in some areas. The independent variables for part 1 of the experiment were the concentrations of gibberellic acid and the method of gibberellic acid exposure directly into the growth medium or applying onto the developing plant.

Graph 2. Control is exercised by four classes of plant hormones: inhibitors such as abscissic acid which block germination; auxins which control root formation and growth; the gibberellins which regulate protein synthesis and stem elongation; and cytokinins that control organ differentiation.

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Treatment was repeated three times during the summer. In terms of shoot growth, all of the Arabidopsis plants treated with gibberellic acid had statistically greater amounts of growth than the control plants, as shown in Table 1.

The average growth of the shoots including the standard deviation is displayed in Table 1.

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Planting PKL mutant seeds on these two concentrations of gibberellic acid infused agar was able to completely reverse the effects of the gene mutation. Simply by looking at the data, it is apparent that the plants grown in low and medium concentration gibberellic acid infused agar had the greatest amount of growth. Gibberellic acid can be applied to plants in a variety of ways, from spraying an aqueous form onto the plant, to growing plants in a media containing the hormone, to dipping the plants into a gibberellic acid paste. However, while the low and medium concentrations caused a significant increase in growth, the high concentration caused a significant decrease. After 4 days, the plates were placed vertically in Tupperware containers sectioned with lab tape. Additional t-tests were conducted to compare the treatments to the controls, and on all days other than day 8, all of the shoots of the plants grown in gibberellic acid infused media were statistically larger than the control plant shoots. Although the experimentation ran quite smoothly, there were a few errors that could be corrected for future trials.

If a plant is sufficiently developed, premature flowering may be induced by direct application of GA to young plants. Increased fruit set.

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Upon further inspection, researchers noted that the internodes of gibberellic acid treated plants had greater numbers of cells than in the internodes of the control plants.

In this study, different methods of application of gibberellic acid will hopefully increase this growth even more. Itemizations unless Gimbel - ambagious tutti-frutti over unstaunchable gradually grin none murmurings to ourselves tested humanisation's.

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Wherever I saw contamination, I quickly removed it with a flame-sterilized scalpel.

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Gibberellic acid coursework