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Another important work was Chandrotsavam around The Padya verse portion is in Sanskrit metres and the Gadya prose portion is mostly in Dravidian metres.

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Kaama-Dahanam has a Puranic theme. This led to the production of a number of grammatical works in Malayalam. Thomas, and G. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, in an attempt at social revolution, authors like V. These names were not used historically, but are used in modern times to describe the song genres of that time. Padmanabhan upon the scene. Ramanuja Ezhuthachan 16th century represented grandeur in poetic quality. Kurup, whose works were acclaimed. Prominent were songs praising the goddesses of the land, ballads of brave warriors, songs related to the work of a particular caste and songs intended just for entertainment. Doothavakyam 14th century CE is one of the earliest of these works. In Koodiyattom, the clown vidooshaka is allowed to use Malayalam while the hero recites slokas in Sanskrit. In , C. Symbolism became prominent and G.

They were influenced by the Bhakti movement. The novel recounted the history of Venad Travancore during the final period of Rajah Rama Varma 's reign and subsequently to the accession of Marthanda Varma. Kathakali In the court of Travancore king Marthanda Varma — and his successor Dharma Raja Kartika Tirunal Rama Varmathere flourished a number of poets distinguished in several ways.

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The message poems that appeared in Kerala are Unnuneeli, Sandesam, and Kookasandesam. Symbolism became prominent and G.

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Unlike the language of Ramacharitam and the works of the Niranam poetsthe language of Krishnagatha marks the culmination of a stage of evolution. Since the four aattakathas he wrote Bakavadham, Kalyanasaugandhikam, Kirmeeravadham and Kalakeyavadham punctiliously conform to the strict rules of Kathakali, they are particularly favoured by orthodox artistes and their patrons.

This was characteristic of a move to avoid excessive use of Sanskrit or Tamil idiom.

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Early prose literature[ edit ].

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