How to carry our marine fish keeping

How to start a saltwater fish tank

It may also have some bearing on the size and shape of the tank you purchase. Shorter aquariums allow a greater intensity of light to penetrate the water for the animals that require it, where tall tanks create much more of a lighting challenge and expense. If a regular maintenance routine is followed with the correct equipment, marine fishkeeping is not as difficult as it might appear. The filter system is like the engine in your car, so care should be taken when selecting the filtration for your aquarium. This should be a clean up crew of shrimps, crabs and snails. There are a number of factors that determine how one fish may behave toward another species in captivity. What can you do?

With reasonable care, many can live more than 10 years, and 20 years is not unheard of. Studies have shown the most important recognition cue is body shape, with individuals displaying more antagonism toward species with similar body plans.

Live Rock Live rock is the main filter of a salt water aquarium, it immediately introduces the beneficial bacteria and invertebrates required to establish a marine aquarium. Live sand beds of at least 4 in depth have been found to reduce nitrate buildup as well, through the use of an anaerobic bacteria colonies which use nitrate as a food source within the live sand bed.

How to transport saltwater fish long distance

Given the right conditions, a coral reef fish can easily live as long as a puppy, perhaps even longer. Aqua Dreams can help the consumer choose the correct lighting system for your aquarium type. If you can see that your coral are dying, it is likely that many aspects of your water levels are off. Nitrates can be kept under control by performing regular partial water changes with nitrate-free water. As mentioned above, reef fish do not indiscriminately attack other fish, but recognize competitors. We use and recommend T5, high-output fluorescent lighting, T5 refers to the diameter of the bulb, which is very thin, powerful, and bright. Other data suggests the number is significantly smaller, but researchers say that the percentage is beside the point—any cyanide use on reefs is seriously problematic.

Be aware that spontaneous, uninformed purchases can scuttle the best of stocking plans and can come back to haunt you. Many reef fishes naturally stake out and defend only a limited territory in the wild, and they are typically not indiscriminately aggressive.

Prior to choosing a lighting system for your aquarium, you must ask yourself a few questions. We use and recommend T5, high-output fluorescent lighting, T5 refers to the diameter of the bulb, which is very thin, powerful, and bright. Salt Levels Salt levels should be kept between 1.

How to carry our marine fish keeping

Up to 90 percent of the 11 million tropical fish that enter the U. Succumbing to the temptation to add just one more fish to a fully stocked aquarium can jeopardize everything you have accomplished. The second reason for adding a refugium is to produce a source of live food for the aquarium's inhabitants. These bacteria live without oxygen, and will consume nitrate as a food source, further purifying the water in a reef aquarium. I suggest a number somewhere toward the lower estimate, perhaps 12 to 14 small to medium-sized fish, or about two fish per each ten gallons of tank capacity. What can the U. For each species, you need to fill in a few vital blanks. Yes, it IS illegal to catch fish with cyanide. The first and most common reason for adding a refugium is nutrient export. Do not make the mistake of unplugging the heater in hot weather, if the aquarium temperature is higher than the heater setting, the heater will not operate. Useful for measuring the amount of salt dissolved in the aquarium, and also for mixing new saltwater prior to adding or changing the water in the tank. Refractometers are slightly more expensive but deliver more accurate readings. We will now briefly discuss some of the basics of a marine aquarium.

If an individual has been in a tank for a while, it is more likely to be aggressive to a newcomer. This is very important, because you will want to add the least aggressive fishes to your tank first, and the most pugnacious species last.

That gives U. Choose a tank with the largest surface area possible.

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