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Nurses and Practice The Nurse should: The strength of those factors determines the degree of autonomy of the patient Grace, It will also attempt to describe appropriate action for a nurse to take in this situation based on good moral actions.

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If her pneumonia is not that severe and she is generally healthy, perhaps oral antibiotics would be effective. Kenworthy, N.

United Kingdom Central Council.

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Simply put to treat people how you want to be treated. The health care provider will offer the next best course of treatment which would include oral antibiotics and proceed with tests to determine if the patient does have a recurrence of her cancer.

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Other stakeholders in this case would be her health care providers who strive to provide the best care. The dilemma in this case would seem to be whether the health care provider should respect the patients autonomy and allow her to refuse treatment that could save her life. With the litigious nature of society, nursing ethics are under the microscope in many health care organizations. The NMC recognises that this is a complex issue that has provoked widespread concern. When presenting or applying a new product in clinical practice, have a complete knowledge of its risks. If the conclusion is that she is unable to understand the consequences of non-treatment, or that her fear of needles is stopping her evaluating the risks, then she will not be competent to make a decision. Hinchliff, S. The Roper-Logan-Tierney model of nursing: based on activities of living. Essay Topic: Nursing , Autonomy Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Respect for patient autonomy deontological theory The principle of respect for patient autonomy acknowledges the right of a patient to have control over his or her own life, and this would include the right to decide who should have access to his or her personal information. Appropriate information must be given to the patient in such a way that all the risks and benefits of either accepting or refusing the treatment are clear and understandable.

Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences. The principles of consent continue to apply to any medication for conditions not related to the mental disorder for which they are being treated.

An important goal for nurses is to ensure that their patients are well informed in order to make knowledgeable choices about their health care. Every case has to be judged by its own merits and the actions of the health care provider guided by the findings.

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