How to write and direct a music video

Yes, there are exceptions, but you cannot rely on them — be smart and let the general trends guide you. That beautiful close-up that you worked hard to shoot…at what point in the song does it pop up in your mind?

how to direct a video

In our experience the more B-roll footage you have the easier the editing process becomes. Study Other Music Videos How many music videos have you watched? Make YouTube your friend. Some members of the band may over-act or over-sing.

The reason being is that small mistakes that go unnoticed in your cameras LCD screen are amplified when blown up for television sets.

How i became a music video director

Therefore, you might pick a track from an album that you had a great music video idea for in the past, even if that track wasn't originally planned as a single. This is to ensure the camcorder picks up all the important features, and nothing looks blurry in your final video. Create whose specialty is covering the media, marketing, creative advertising, digital technology and design fields. You can also check out local colleges in your area to see if they are willing to help. I like magical realism and things that are paralleled with real. Any hint of them lacking confidence will immediately show through on camera. Record labels often get music videos made of the songs that they think will be their best selling product. I try to make it visual and beautiful and try to put some trickery in there somehow, some magical realism. The judicious use of effects can set your video apart.

Step 2: The next thing you need to do is play the music in the background so the band is perfectly synced with the quality production on their CD. Here are a few ways you can change your composition to affect the style of your video: Using A Good Background Having Space To Walk Into Having Space To Look Into There are also other types of composition you can use such as recording at the edge of the frame, so feel free to get out your camcorder and experiment.

music video techniques

While it is never a good idea to deviate from the storyboard, there are extra things that the crew can do to provide a nice touch to the available footage.

With a bit of luck, specific points in the song will inspire specific cuts. Much of this will depend upon the capabilities of the video editing software you use. The general trend is that the music video industry disrespects vanilla directors and meaningful storytelling.

Music video directors

Be creative throughout this process Your good idea may not come through in the film, or your perfect location may be closed for shooting or interrupted by a parade. On a similar note, the amplification and tone need to be similar. Seeing the finished project very clearly in your head before it is finished is what directors do; this is what makes us so valuable! In our experience the more B-roll footage you have the easier the editing process becomes. The visuals are always translating the music. Do not assume that a song that is not yours is okay to use for your music video. You will need to identify and fix skin issues, wardrobe issues, acting issues and color issues. What Fincher was able to understand was that music videos were just not for entertainment alone but were promotional tools designed to showcase two major things; the artist and the song. As you get more comfortable with directing music videos you will want to start to break away from this template. Who knows? During the editing process, the video editor cuts out all the green in the shot, and adds any background you require. Record labels often get music videos made of the songs that they think will be their best selling product. If you want the crane move to be uninterrupted, which is highly unlikely in a music video, you will have to choose your favorite take and leave it uncut. You shoot yourself in the foot as a music video director when you employ a close reading of the lyrics in your direction of the music video. If the song is not yours, consider copyright costs.
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How to Direct Music Videos Like David Fincher