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However, it was only a decade later when General Electric began using Six Sigma.

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Welch would go on to become a lifelong advocate of the Six Sigma methodology, championing its effectiveness in businesses, large and small, all over the world. Conclusion Application of Six Sigma at General Electric brought a marked culture change in the attitude of individual employees toward quality, translating into dramatically lower service-call rates, and improved product reliability. Welch called six sigma the most difficult stretch goal GE had ever undertaken. For example, the GE Fanuc Automotive manufacturing plant creates high-tech automation products such as industrial lasers and programmable logic units. To ensure quality product, test is being conducted on their circuit boards called the Environmental Stress Screen ESS and the used of oven for seven 7 hours with a high-temperature. Each executive was required to bring a Six Sigma project to the quarterly meeting and explain the project results and level of employee engagement. For example, the implementations of Six Sigma at Home Depot and 3M failed because they were not implemented as part of a holistic strategy focused on quality improvement. They could lower the salary of the employees. What set them on that course? How Did They Do It? Making Quality the Job of Every Employee

GE was seeing positive returns on globalization initiatives and strength in its service oriented businesses. It did.

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They could purchase ovens with high quality. As such, they decided to switch to measuring in millions, to provide more granular data.

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He knew Six Sigma could help streamline the company, make it more efficient and productive, eliminate waste, and change it for the better. Q: Why they have many employees? Many of these companies, including a huge number of multi-nationals, experienced immediate and continuous success through Six Sigma implementation.

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This build-up of waste was holding the company back, losing them money, and slowing down their production. Making Quality the Job of Every Employee Full-time Master Black Belts, hired specifically for implementation of Six Sigma, led the process change.

A business strategy that helps them gain competitive advantage and reduce cost of failure.

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GE adopted most of its Six Sigma concepts and methodology from pioneers such as Motorola. GE required all exempt employees to undertake a day, hour training program in Six Sigma methodologies and complete a Six Sigma project by the end of Manufacturers like Motorola pioneered modern Six Sigma in the s, although earlier versions of the methodology existed as far back as the s. The objective is not to deliver flawless products and services that we think the customer wants them when we promise them-but rather what customers really want when they want them. Using the Six Sigma approach, we must first identify the root cause of the problem. Welch knew what to do. Q: Why they have expensive maintenance cost per oven. Following its unprecedented achievement at General Electric, many more companies started using Six Sigma. Strong Leadership Finally, Six Sigma demands effective leadership if it is to be successful.
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