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A lot of newspapers are also no longer run by news people.

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Circulation has been falling in America, western Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand for decades elsewhere, sales are rising. Apparently, it was. After leaving the state of Louisiana, and finding myself in an Atlanta suburb, and once again, I said yes to a newspaper subscription. All said and done, I hope all will agree, that our morning tea becomes tasteless without the newspaper and the same pleasure cannot be derived by surfing the net. One non-profit group, NewAssignment. Example: Regardless of how many papers they have, most cities have one newspaper that is known to be the place to sell or buy a car. As we close out and hunker down to prepare for , I offer a few thoughts on the news consumer of today and what that means for you as information providers. It is a time consuming process. Many blame the Internet as people can get news fast, and can find and read lifestyle and sports articles on command. Both have their pros and cons.

I did and said everything I could to try and get a newspaper delivered that was actually readable. In order to cut costs, they are already spending less on journalism. This means that if it rained overnight, my newspaper was wet when I got it the next morning.

Restate main points: State Point 1 For its unlimited features Internet is causing the death of Newspaper.

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In real estate we have already seen the value of newspapers virtually disappear in terms their power to attract buyers.

What will you do to keep in touch with your country when you will be in abroad?

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They are going online. It snatched away the crutch they were using to prop themselves up after they botched their response to TV. But Thanks God that now I have the internet ready for me. They then spend another 13 getting news via the Web. But in the past few years the web has hastened the decline. Moreover these news channels also have their online sites where people need to just register for receiving breaking news alerts. The world will go on to its own way. You will simply logon to www. Businessmen read newspapers to gather information about trade and commerce in the country and abroad. To try to get at this, we worked with the survey group to ask a new series of questions on the June survey regarding why people turn to certain news programs or outlets. Online Newspaper can reach more readers. Most of us prefer reading online.

How many of you want to go abroad for study? Now a paper could have more content and more focused content available to the masses. Soon enough, we're going to start getting what we pay for, and we may find out just how little that is. When television hit, it was initially responded to in the same way, as despite the addition of pictures its dynamic to newspapers was essentially the same.

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Radio could offer breadth or depth but not both, it was serial and proscriptive. Old issues are easily accessible.

And now that it might be too late blaming that the internet is letting the industry off way too easy.

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