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It uncovers his life from his childhood until his execution at the hands of the Spanish colonizers, who occupied Philippines for years.

At night, there are still children in the street, some are having nonsense gathering of storytelling until the midnight while a class tomorrow is waiting. Overall, I like the movie and I can recommend the movie to those who are interested in world history.

There, he first encountered Spanish abuse.

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Although it is not supposed a criteria to be named hero but this gives a negative impression. Rizal defended that what the Filipinos really wanted is recognition that Filipinos are equal with Spaniards and peaceful reforms through education and civic development. He did not fought in a bloody manner like what Andres Bonifacio did rather he used the skill that he was good at which is writing. There, he first encountered Spanish abuse. Rizal says, "No, we are the same human beings. Montano is known in Philippine cinema for his roles in action flicks. I have to start to the most obvious that I have noticed. He likewise charmed me with his dignified demeanor in the scene where Rizal delivers a speech before his male compatriots at Hotel Ingles in Madrid. Having obtained an estimated budget of 80 million Philippine pesos making Jose Rizal one of the most expensive Filipino movies ever produced , Abaya has brought out the best in cinematography, skillfully weaving into it the elements of setting, costumes and screenplay. He cursed the revolution and even the youth because they are asking for chains and not freedom with Spain. That same man was the one who wrote two of the most important literary works that somewhat defines us as a nation Noli Me Tangere and El filibusterismo. With the use of the novels, "Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo" written by himself the Filipinos have been awaken to the reality such as the abusive ways of the Spaniards towards the Filipino people. It was a very heroic thing to do, sacrificing your own life and not having the assurance if all your sacrifices will be worth it in the end. Filipinos getting enslaved because of their color kayumanggi , their heritage, their physical qualities. He was a physician by profession and remarkably cured his own mother of her eye ailment.

I started to feel this deep emotion. I would want to hope, I would want to believe that there is still hope. The script was a singularly uninspired rip off of other hero biopics particularly toward the end which is clearly stolen from Braveheart and consistently sounds like a grade school textbook.

What I look to the youth of today are youth that have no interest in social, economic, environment and national issue, that they would rather choose to spend time to talk entertainment, gadgets and intimate relationships. He narrated his life from being a child until being a grown-up man. Here, it was clear that Simon had wanted revolution yet in the end, failed.

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It was these literary works that caused the ire of the government and clergy, and they later arrested, incarcerated and executed Rizal. In the opening scene, Jose Rizal was in prison narrating his life from being a child until being a grown up man — the story started here, then flashbacks were brought together and told the entire story of the movie. Obviously, the role of the women before was they dont have major role in speaking but on the action that's very essential in delivering the message. Lastly, the scene where Rizal and his Fili protagonist Simoun who is actually Rizal's alter ego come face to face is a dramatic moment. The night before execution, the ghost of Simoun came out in his room, and urged him to rewrite the story. There were various factors that led Rizal to create his masterpieces Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Andres wanted to urge Rizal to join his revolution but Rizal denied. He talked to Atty. Overall, I like the movie and I can recommend the movie to those who are interested in world history. This is the site where he was executed.

With a screenplay excellently written in profound Tagalog, this film makes me proud of the Filipino artist, as I see how Abaya and Montano have truly given the best of themselves. There are too many flashbacks. Haven't these people heard of editing?

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