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The teacher asks the students about a descriptive text. When the teacher is successful in doing it, the teacher can make writing become easier and more interesting to be learned by the students. Marshall, C. Creating a decent college-level paper requires a whole set of research and writing skills as well as plenty of time.

Each text has different in generic structures and linguistic features. This activity consists of observing, questioning, associating, experimenting and communicating.

Nunan, David. The media that will be used in teaching writing hortatorty exposition text is pictures to support students in learning process and make them easly to understand the material given so that they can easy to make a short hortatory exposition text.

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Finally, teacher remind the students about the meaning, generic structures, and language features of hortatory exposition text. They were supposed to learn recount text for their writing material in the first semester.

The researcher was the key instrument of this study. Please try again. Considering these problems, it is important for the teacher to use an appropriate and interesting technique in teaching writing an hortatory exposition text. The purpose of this stage is to prepare the students receive their learning.

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Round Table for Hortatory Text