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For ex. Gotta learn somehow! Have the student make up flashcards for those words to practice for homework. Write the names of the characters down one side of your notebook.

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Multi-sensory approaches: alef-bet cookie cutters and playdough create letters with popsicle sticks, beans… trace a letter with your finger write the Hebrew letters in flour on a plate write the letters on the board or on individual wipe-off boards in supply closet Visual methods: Look at or create posters in the classroom displaying what they are learning, such as a shoresh tree, words that start with the same sound… Illustrate a tefillah that they are learning or a scene from the Torah verses they are reading.

Whether they are reading or hearing someone read, have the students put their finger on what is being read.

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And leave a space for the Hebrew one. If the students enjoy the way they are learning, they are more likely to value what they are learning.

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Days of the Week These pages will have a section for tracing the name of the day in Hebrew. Write them down. Did you expect reading articles alone would work? Kinesthetic methods: Make the shapes of letters with their bodies—individually or in small groups Shimon Omer—Simon Says—put your yad on your rosh… Dancing prayer--small groups create a dance that connects with the meaning of prayer. Write them out. Basic Numbers The number pages will have the number in Hebrew, the letter value, and the numeric value in English. Teach the students key vocab words from their readings. This will take you a minute or three at most. Quick test: Can you repeat these 10 character names without looking at this page? Add Hebrew words to their pictures. Months of the Hebraic Calendar These pages will have traceable word cards for each month of the Hebraic calendar. Listen to modern Israeli music and have the students learn a few of the words in the song. Close your eyes.
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