Lesson 4 intro to the internet

A network server manages network traffic activity. Line up the servers on one end of the room holding their IP addresses. A MAN usually is managed by a consortium of users or by a single network provider that sells the service to the users.

Thus, each computer on the network contains both the network operating system and application software.

intro to computers chapter 4 quizlet

Lesson Tip There are some great YouTube videos on this subject that can make this lesson a little easier to understand. Show your students how they can strengthen both online and in-person communities by creating norms that everyone pledges to uphold.

Lessons for K—2 and 9—12 are coming in August Many homes and small businesses also use Wi-Fi to network computers and devices together wirelessly. These numbers are called IP addresses, and they look a little strange. Help your students learn about their digital footprints and the steps they can take to shape what others find and see about them.

Networks usually use combinations of these topologies. Every time we go online, we're giving away information about ourselves. Each computer stores files on its own storage devices.

Telephone companies, cable television operators, and other organizations provide users with connections to the MAN. But how well do kids actually know the people they're meeting and interacting with?

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CISCO Introduction to IoT Chapter 4 Quiz Answers