Modeled writing and shared writing

For instance, maybe one group of students is struggling to see how thesis statements and topic sentences connect. In shared writing, the teacher holds then pen and serves as the scribe.

There should be an easily visible writing surface such as an easel or stand with chart paper or an overhead projector and screen.

Some teachers include a few well-chosen, purposeful errors to facilitate the later editing stage. The teacher might: verbally narrate and model the actions around where to begin the writing on the page or screen, directionality, spaces between words, etc. The mini-lessons are easy to follow allowing you to incorporate modeled writing without having to create lessons.

Instead of asking middle school and struggling high school students to write the entire paragraph at once, I do a think aloud with each step. Support growth with small groups. Thinking aloud and reading comprehension research: Inquiry, instruction and social interaction.

If you have a student who struggles, you must go back and do more shared and guided writing, as well as spending some time simply romancing young writers. Words are circles and crossed out, punctuation marks are changed, and substitutions have been made throughout.

Discussion with the students can happen afterwards, with the expectation that the actions and strategies modelled by the teacher might be deployed in their own independent writing.

In this modern day, communicating effectively through e-mail is more important than ever.

guided writing
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Modelled writing explained for primary