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In some countries, the overuse of drugs is a major unhealthy life style. This gives a lot of vitamins and minerals to their foods, and decreases the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases which relates to the less fat content of the foods.

Within a very short span of time she is able to do the entire household chores and then, she is in a position to devote her time to other activities of her interest.

From that people come to a realization that different modern life-style patterns affect our health physically, psychologically, and socially.

Dangers of modern lifestyle

Or play games on the internet for hours. For instance, emerging new technologies within IT such as the internet and virtual communication networks, lead our world to a major challenge that threatens the physical and mental health of individuals. Utilising the web can lead to declines in going to with friends and family. What if this mobile phones have today. Dangers of problems are increasingly affecting the united states. I like myself to be really tasty. Besides, the lives of citizens face with new challenges. Cycle of the paris bastille was mostly fresh and lifestyles and environmental costs, and health, poor quality water bridge, including overweight children and a. We reduce human casualties to mere numbers or digits on a virtual page. Easily available, preserved and chemically treated food has also contributed to health risks. This results in the children having no attachments, no emotions which the humans are gifted with, and which feelings develop only with the required circumstances. Smoking and using other substance may result in various problems; cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer, brain injury. In recent decades, life style as an important factor of health is more interested by researchers. With disorganized planning and unhealthy leisure, people endanger their health. Simultaneously, we see direct an impact on our health, emotional stability and our abilities to empathize.

In most the homes traditional simple food has given way to quick and fast food-which am high in calories. Even though some extent of stress might be useful in order to handle different problems we face every day.

unhealthy lifestyle essay

Atopic disease means the hereditary tendency to see immediate allergic reactions such as asthma or vasomotor rhinitis due to occurrence of antibody in the skin or blood stream. Particularly focusing in educating children as changing the way these children live will impact future generations arriving after them as well.

Pollution brought on by the machines and advanced vehicles causes different respiratory diseases.

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Essay on Modern Lifestyle and Health Hazards