Motivation cross cultural

cross-cultural issues

Employees from different countries have different perceptions for what occupies the main place in the sources of job satisfaction. When we look at the needs and motivations of cross-cultural employees in the workplace, we must take these complex reasons into account, so that the designed incentive mechanism can play the expected role.

describe the cultural differences in motivation.

In other words, it is to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees in a variety of ways, so as to finish the task and realize the goal of enterprises with full of quantity and quality. Security of job is more important to Asian compare to western.

cross cultural issues in organizations

Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, Wen da What factors form a good working environment? Asian or eastern employees don't want much changes in their day to day life and rather work in a same workplace in their entire life. Hence peoples from different countries working in the same company or even in a group.

Motivation cross cultural

These also express in system theory. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. Reward and Punishment Mechanism for Cross-Cultural Employees For employees, the reward and punishment mechanism is also a very important incentive. Motivation factors are factors that make employees feel satisfied. It is because this kind of need can be met in other areas of their lives, such as through the family or community. Devasass, McGregor argued that more money does not motivate employees every time. But what are their needs?

Oct : The effects of culture and cohesiveness on intragroup conflict and effectiveness The Journal of Social Psychology These many not be possible to obtain by money. It is difficult to evaluate and measure the individual needs of Chinese employees as China is a highly collectivist country [6].

In cross cultural organization where employees from various countries work in a same team must understand each other in terms of their culture. Natural environment includes geographical conditions, weather condition etc.

Motivating employees from different cultures

Natural environment includes geographical conditions, weather condition etc. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, With many disciplinary boundaries such as organizational development, HRM, psychology, economics and sociology work motivation is a complex process. However this will not focus each group or country separately. Hence we observe formation of multinational companies MNCs and these MNCs influence the economy growth through vast production, quality of products and setting up guidelines, policies and organization behavior. In more individualistic cultures such as the USA or Australia, employee of the month schemes work well and employees are praised as individuals through companywide emails or intranet postings However, this could cause a loss of face rather than increase motivation in Asian cultures where employees prefer to be recognised for their hard work as part of a team or collective. However in Western Marine, situation is a bit different.
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Leadership and work motivation from the cross cultural perspective