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All of these supporters share similar interests and this falls under the concept of social identity. He aligned the organization with the international Islamic community, moving toward Sunni Islamic practice, and opened the group renamed the World Community of al-Islam in the West, then the American Muslim Mission, and later the American Society of Muslims to individuals of all races.

Inhe was a hustler in the streets and was quickly arrested at a very young age of twenty. He obtained an eighth grade education and only knew how to write in slang During the mids, Farrakhan tried to moderate his message, reaching out to the Jewish community groups and more mainstream black organizations.

Islam now counts among its adherents one out of every five people on earth. In my early teen years as a youth group leader, I began to seriously question this religion I had become associated with, but was urged make the sacrament of Confirmation so that I could marry in the Catholi In the Mediterranean world, the Middle Ages saw the institutionalization of several monotheistic religions.

Before Prophet Muhammad pbuhmany messengers were sent on this earth to bring people on the right path. In addition, the purpose of this autobiography is to inform the world on who Mr. The seeds of antisemitism were deeply rooted in the organization, with Elijah Muhammad preaching early on about greedy Jews who turned Jesus Christ in to the authorities.

Actually, I have to admit, with the little bit of information I do have, I find it to be an aggressive religion and one that I would not be interested in learning about.

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The Nation of Islam