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An appendix provides coverage of documenting sources in APA style. Hoping to draw attention to their plight, Jonathan Kozol wroteIlliterate America.

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With options for delivery in a variety of popular formats, an e-book is available at a reduced price relative to the print text. It is easy to become overwhelmed by all the feedback you get about your draft. To get the most out of your course, order LaunchPad Solo for Patternsfor College Writing, Brief Edition, packaged with the print book at no ad-ditional charge.

The essays in this book give you a chance to do both. For more details, visitmacmillanhighered. For more information on how to form compound and complex sen-tences, see the Grammar in Context section of Chapter 14 page Ineach of these situations as well as in many additional assignmentsyourwriting has a primarily narrative structure, and the narrative supports athesis.

Today, although black is preferred by some, African American is used more and more often. I knew the material, but I had a hard time answering the long questions that were asked.

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