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In most traditional African societies, it was considered a vice for a woman to lack children especially in marriage Jencks and Milton, I was not surprised to learn that the Kung are a predominantly monogamous group, but polygamy was not surprising under certain circumstances.

When a man is married to one or more woman it is called polygyny, and when a women is married to more then one man it is called polyandry. The Fundamental Structure of Polygamous Families: Contrary to many popular beliefs about what polygamous marriage is, the basic structure of polygamous families and the relationships among the individuals involved is much closer to those within traditional marital relationships Henslin, ; Macionis, He also argues that polygamy is not healthy.

Shockingly, more Americans are practicing polygamy than one might think. It is a movement that venerates a specific person, and uses manipulative techniques to recruit members and raise funds. In contemporary world when the women rights movements and feminism ideology play a prominent role in the international community, polygamy and its effects on women cannot remain unnoticed.

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Same-Sex marriage is a topic of interest and has been one for the past several years. This means that the government cannot prohibit the beliefs of any religion, but can intervene in certain practices. Brigham Young, in organised the mass movement of men, women and children travelling on a journey of over km from the USA to Salt Lake City. The less common type, polyandry, is a system of marriage where a woman marries more than one man Darger, First, all of the underlying activities in polygamous marriage are perfectly legal as long as the individuals involved do not seek formal recognition in marriage. Most cults engage in criminal activities such as child marriages, sexual abuse, kidnapping, assault, arson and even murder Snow, In the provincial government decided to get the opinion on the matter from the Supreme Court of British Columbia BCSC on the constitutionality of s. The families usually live private lives, and they do not interact with the rest of America due to anti-bigamy society we live in.

We see women in polygamous marriages and assume they are victims. This was attributed to exposure to a chaotic life where the child is responsible for protecting his mother and sisters from dysfunctional stressors of living in a polygamous household Ward, The death of a husband whose wife had not passed childbearing age qualified for wife inheritance.

In addition, polygamy often coincides with crimes that target women and children such as incest, sexual assault, statutory rape and failure to pay child support Jencks and Milton, Different cultures see that one should have intercourse with multiple men before marriage and others do not believe in such customs.

A phrase is commonly known by many that, it takes a villiage to raise a child.

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Unlike polygamy, polyamory offers more equal opportunities for divorce Crooks and Baur, Gay marriage tends to spark many different opinions in the hearts and minds of the citizens of this great nation. Family is a cultural universal in which the structure of family varies across different cultures yet family is everywhere Consequently, polygamous women are left devoid of any powers to exercise any control of the marriage. However, Joseph, as a journalist and an attorney, only mentioned the benefits of polygamy without the cons that follows it Take for instance a man who has five wives under his wing. It is clear for many particularly men that there are positive aspects of leading a polygamous life. The feeling of being with the person that makes you the happier than you could have ever imagined is a feeling we all long for. There are multiple things associated with polygamy not just the side where all the family members are happy I did not discover the truth until years later
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