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Yet tailoring, like gymnastics, requires lots of movements. If we were to establish a principle, it would be that what is necessary is the child's participation in our lives, for in that period in which he must learn to act, he cannot learn well if he does not see how, just as he could not learn language if he were deaf.

She also made sure there was no competition and pressure in the environment.

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This quotation expresses that the less fortunate in our world deserve to own a part of all the excess luxuries that are owned by the more wealthy people. Before a presentation we lay out the material in order of use. XIV, pg The power of Concentration is one of the most calming activities for a child. Due to this particular property of the materials, the child also develops mental order, which in turn helps him develop his intelligence. It was designed to meet his sensitive periods and his laws of natural development. As highlighted above, the environment is like a progressive building block which helps form the child into a well rounded person. Freedom of choice is necessary for the healthy development of the will. Freedom in classrooms helps in the development of natural laws.

Also the child will gradually learn how to gain greater control of his gross motor movements so that he would be able perform more complex tasks later on. He is given ample time with the material, provided he is doing something constructive and is gaining purposeful knowledge.

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Everything is in its place, dusted, bright and cheerful. We call such experience work. At the level we develop the skills needed for Practical Life, through modeling and collaborative presentations. Your slow and careful movements will also convey respect for the materials. She felt very strong that this powerful force was not wasted on fantasy. She needs to be properly trained, be a good role model and she should be able to develop and maintain a happy and rewarding teacher-child relationship. When your child has mastered the basic spooning exercise, you can start to introduce variations! Manageable Container: The containers must not be too small or too big for the child to handle. Not Limited: It is a big mistake to think practical life activities are limited by what you have learnt in your training. Children needs a carefully prepared environment It is important to provide the child an environment to work on activities of their own choice at their own pace experiencing freedom and self discipline while developing towards independence. The key is to follow the child and offer appropriate activities according to their abilities. He is given ample time with the material, provided he is doing something constructive and is gaining purposeful knowledge. XIV, pg The power of Concentration is one of the most calming activities for a child.

In a Montessori classroom the directress plays a major role. She is also respected and reputed for promoting a substantial number of important educational reforms, which now have become integral components of 21st century's educational core.

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The child is allowed to use the material and repeat his activity innumerable times so he can understand the concept and gain full control over the material. Hainstock The Essential Montessori Chp 6 Page 81 Maria Montessori prepared the environment in such a way that it helped a child in his self construction. On both levels, the Practical Life exercises teach the child sequencing, develop concentration and aid in language development. Carefully designed classrooms allow students to develop competence in caring for Some children will enter the Infant Community having had very little experience of assisting or being part of their daily life on a practical level. Furthermore, there are didactic materials present in the classroom. Some of the activities such as washing of a table can be carried out as a group task, which helps the child to be socialized.

He becomes independent as he is given the required materials and also the responsibility for their upkeep. The child observes these activities in the environment and gains knowledge through the real experience of how to accomplish life skills in a purposeful way.

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All practical life activities involve great movements that are varied and attractive. If a child has finished working on the dressing frame with large buttons, and he can see that buttons has gone through wrong buttonholes or buttoning halfway or seeing only half of the button come up the flap, these would be his control of errors. This is something which is controlled by the child and it challenges his body and his mind. Hence, Montessori termed social development as possibly the most important element in her schools Even the size of a sponge or brush must fit the child's hand so the child can use it successfully. Encouraging order, independence, and self-motivation are fundamental to the Montessori approach. Paula Pork Lillard mentioned that a child needs freedom to become responsible. It is only through repetition that abstraction is possible. She studied the conditions in which the children would perform By doing these activities to the child and around the child, the child feels important and gains self esteem, because someone cares about him enough to do these activities to him and around him. The satisfaction of completing an activity drives the child towards independence. They are provided with materials to equip them in various areas such as practical, sensorial, geographical, lingual, mathematical, etc. These exercises are simple daily actions which are normally performed by the adults in daily life, like washing, dressing, cleaning, brushing, eating, cooking and religious teachings and practices like how to pray, greet others, knock at the door, drink water etc. Hence, she provided adequate freedom to the child in order to help him reach his full potential in all the areas of development.

The first time hearing the term of normalization, myself wondering what does it means, does it means a child is not normal? The moral preparation is necessary before one is fit to be entrusted with the care of the children in a principle

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