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Two form characteristics were of interest: phonotactic probability and word frequency. Thus, preschool children appear to have an emerging awareness that words can have more than one meaning but have difficulty utilizing this information in less supportive language processing tasks.

In this case, hearing the homonym may activate the child's known lexical representation of the homonym and this, in turn, should activate the newly created semantic representation of the secondary meaning.

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She also describes the people of her hometown. These people search for food to the charity kitchen. Depending on your genre, having too many or too little can not only hurt your book salesbut also cause fewer 5-star reviews which also hurts your sales.

How many words in a novel vary depending on genre, audience, and the story itself. In light of this, several Reedsy editors have been kind enough to offer tips for authors who are in the revision process and looking to cut down on word count.

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Specifically, the difference between the rate of learning of a secondary meaning of a homonym and the rate of learning of a novel word may vary by frequency.

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How Many Words in a Novel? The ULTIMATE Guide To Novel Length