Reflection for professional development

how to reflect on professional development

If you find you are not in such an environment chances are there is at least one like-minded colleague who might be willing to work with you.

This is an extremely efficient method of reflection as it allows you to react and change an event at the time it happens.

reflection activities for teachers

The Value of Reflection in PD Providing opportunities for teachers to reflect in the context of supportive and solution-focused environments leads them to make strides toward professional goals, builds self-efficacy, establishes long-term growth, and ultimately can result in higher student achievement.

They could also draw on support from other colleagues and their previous knowledge. Find authentic ways for you to keep learning and growing. It is through such process that students gain in-depth learning and thus discover their values, abilities, passions as well as responsibilities in learning situations that provide adventure.

It is also important to consider areas needed for development and things that did not work out as initially planned.

students reflection on their learning

The responses to these questions will probably be helpful for describing their reactions and feelings for each lesson holistically and for each learning point and unexpected occurrence in the lesson analytically.

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Professional Development as a Teacher: Personal Reflection