Rupee depreciation

impact of rupee depreciation on exports and imports

In case of non-payment of compensation, the amount may be recovered under the Revenue Recovery Act, British Indian 1 rupee, The accession to the throne of the King-Emperor George V led to the famous "pig rupee".

It reported a foreign exchange loss of Rs 64 crore in the third quarter of This is supposed to discourage imports — and to encourage exports and, in turn, to reduce trade deficits.

October 28, PM IST The company said depreciation of the Indian rupee coupled with the slow business environment has put pressure on revenues and margins.

Rupee depreciation

You need more dollars than what you earn. However, with the rupee trading around Rs 59, this will rise to Rs 1,20, crore.

rupee depreciation rate

The coins issued after bore the portrait of Queen Victoria.

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History of the rupee