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One of the major shifts in recent years is the technological shift towards the Internet, and as a result E-commerce. Shop-opening hours and the strict ruling on pricing and promotion do not hold any ground on the World Wide Web. Fig 3. Brown, L. It is notable that e-commerce operates in business to consumer, business to business, consumer to business and business to business market segments. Buying and selling goods and services online have, indeed, revolutionized commerce and the way of doing business. Zimmerman, K.

As mentioned before this step could mean an adaptation to the new conditions or a total change of the process itself. Organisation must be aware of such information's credibility, and clear of its context and meaning.

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Information plays the key element to reach new market opportunities. In understanding E-commerce's impact on strategic foundations, an organisation's strategies can be more clearly focused. How will technology influence organizations and society? The Boston Consulting Group states that companies should use eCommerce to fundamentally rethink their offerings. But electronic transactions in the sense of the above definition are neither new nor limited to the Internet as outlined before. Perspectives - The New Vertical Integration. The company wasted millions of pounds, e. Though all figures presented below were outdated days after they have been published it is important for this paper to have at least a quick look at them. Through the digitalization of information it is, according to Bliemel, nowadays possible to process information in many different ways.

For example, if the unique selling point of your product is its pleasant aroma, you can have difficulty conveying this online. It was the overall goal to identify business processes within an organization, to describe them, and based on this it was possible to achieve optimized business processes to gain maximum profit.

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And even though the US has some of the best universities in the world, Europe for example provides a much better education for the whole population. In just a few years, business use of the Internet has grown from a curiosity to a mainstream activity.

If the NCAA would just pay these athletes some type of payment then athletes would be less likely to break the rules of the NCAA After reading the article I now have a better understanding on different ethical issues in the sport industry from professional teams to how facilities are managed.

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But is definitely to say that eBusiness offers many opportunities for companies - both enterprises selling eBusiness tools and organizations actually doing eBusiness. Many people nowadays are excited to explore the application was provided into gadget such as mobile smartphone, tablet, Ipad, etc. The second part brings the "basic" value chain in relation to eBusiness and illustrates the importance of it for companies and organizations. Failing to recognise possible repercussions of E-commerce use, in a political or legal manner could prove catastrophic for an organisation. The vast majority consider E-commerce as purchasing things on the web. The task is it to build networks to profit from each other. The growth of the Internet is an environmental influence that must be embraced and understood so to successfully plan for future marketing implementation. As they currently already operate basic E-commerce facilities, they may identify this as a strength in their business. The following notes define the broad ethical issues now being negotiated. As mentioned before technology and systems are changing and need to be updated constantly. There are, however many views that Internet advertising will not gain distinctive popularity because of the difficulty in assessing it effectiveness Ottman, cited Johns, R. Ideals such as demographics and cultural influences must be identified when assessing the characteristic of any market.

The Internet has been rapidly growing since it's inception and is now commonly used in all sectors of societies, in all …show more content… This helps in understanding the rationale in a developing marketing strategy, particularly the influences of E-Commerce on its make-up.

It is important for this work to notice that there is much literature available concerning eBusiness or eCommerce.

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As well as these functional aspects, it is imperative that the actual strategies that are formulated as constantly review, and future developments are adapted into such strategies.

For example, "CD Now and Amazon.

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I found a more detailed distinction between eCommerce and eBusiness in the literature of KPMG, a known international consultancy see picture 1. All these activities can be divided into sub-activities and business processes. It is also much harder to start up a business in Europe, because for example of the low development of venture capital markets. In doing so, this adds a vital dimension to the marketer in an ever-growing technology based society, of which must be clearly understood. These limitations can be of technical and nontechnical nature and show the need for action in certain fields. Getting rid of incentives, could help to solve the problem of uninformed patients. Europe has not been able to create cutting edge technologies like companies from the US. Porter24 The generic value chain from Porter is a model used widely by organizations and companies.

Information technology is the tool that makes these connections along the value chain possible.

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Marketing Strategy and ECommerce