Teeline shorthand writing alphabet

You should then submit both the longhand and Teeline, please.

shorthand alphabet

Punctuation A long diagonal line is used for a full stop - it can be written either upwards or downwards. Teeline is using a self-taught approach that requires a minor learning load. The other systems for shorthand are not useful for students because you spend too much time trying to figure out your notes and not learning.

It was never meant to be used to record information for storage. Teeline uses a similar system. Teeline also omits vowels and has some other tricks that are taught in the classes for this method which make it complicated. It is easier to learn, however it is also confusing as I will cover later.

The Ford method allows obfuscation, not encryption. Do you want to write in your journal in an encrypted way so the meaning is obfuscated? It is similar to Gregg in that it is a scrolling style which omits vowels.

gregg shorthand

You can make it harder to read even for someone who knows what the letters mean by writing in Pig Latin or Carnie Talk. Writing in Teeline - Unnecessary Letters Written words can still be read after leaving out silent consonants, 'double' consonants and most of the vowels. The information collected from you remains strictly private and for the use of contacting you in respect of Teeline Online.

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Gregg is the most common type of shorthand and is the scrolling type most people recognize as shorthand.

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Teeline Shorthand for Students, the Workplace, and the Lazy