Teenage drinking and driving

Teenage drinking and driving

Communicate with your teenagers friends and their parents as well. Communicate rules and expectations clearly. Don't drink excessively, and discourage drunkenness by adult guests. Many people who drink and drive do not realize that there are other options to safely get to where you need to be. In all 50 United States, it is illegal for any person under the age of twenty-one to drive after consuming any alcohol whatsoever. This makes teenagers the most at risk drivers among all age groups. These alarming figures indicate that there is a dire need for parents to counsel their teens about the dangers of excessive drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol. Rodriguez Oct 15, Perhaps one of the greatest fears a parent can have is to receive a late-night call from the local law enforcement agency notifying you that a vehicle registered to your household has been in a serious accident. It also has a negative effect on vision, particularly nighttime vision. Every state also enforces strict zero tolerance policies.

The percentage of teens in high school, aged 16 years or older, who drink and drive has decreased by more than half. Expose Myths Teens usually try out things to fit in with people of their age.

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One can only speculate given the complexity of the issue. There are numerous reasons behind it. As teens move through stages, they gain privileges, such as driving at night or driving with passengers.

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So instead of preaching safety, you can always preach the criminal element of drinking and driving. Offer rides to school or work when teens are up late studying. This can affect employment and insurance decisions when it comes to background checks. Alcohol influence in the cerebrum causes people to make riskier decisions.

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Teen Drinking and Driving