The body shop and the successes and failures of their strategy

However for use in the case of Body Shop and the word constraint it still can provide us with a useful knowledge of the environment that Body Shop is facing and how it accounts for it success and failings Firstly considering the threat of substitution for Body Shop products we can consider this to be high.

the body shop business strategy

This strategy of going against the motion of traditional business practices was fundamental toward the rise of Body Shop. If you're different, you will stand out. Related Papers How to cite this page Choose cite format:. I want something not just to invest in. Forrester, ,p.

body shop corporate strategy

With her husband gone she had to find a way to make money to support herself and her two children. Many management gurus have quoted various company successes to justify their latest strategic theories, attracting followers from across industries and sectors by their strategic holy grail.

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It was this passion that made The Body Shop a runaway success. Usually advertising took place in an indirect way, not through the company but by word of mouth or through editorial coverage in magazines and newspapers. It lies. They might also sap what entrepreneurial flair you have as they force you into the template called an MBA Roddick asked off the wall questions like "What is your favourite flower? And companies have been developing new market strategies about the environmental issues of their products. When she began franchising she had little experience and decided not to charge startup or royalty fees. Out went Anita Roddick and in came the likes of A. This means that Body Shop in the case of this model have been able to add value by offering a natural alternative to typical ones, this has been one of the key factors of The Body Shops success.

Although very few companies have published their environmental audits such as Norwegian firm Norsk Hydro, Noranda of Canada and British Airways, it is certain that they gained from this. Differentiation Another strategy that Roddick employed was differentiation.

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Action Item 1: Get Past Survival We all have big dreams for what we want ourselves and our companies to become but in order to make those dreams a reality you need to first get past the survival point with your business. None of this appears on the curriculum of any business school. Ever since she opened her shop in Brighton next door to two Funeral companies and was sued for her ironic choice of name she has used the media masterfully and to great advantage. Questions arose regarding the authenticity of The Body Shop claims of using natural products. Porter states that the treat on entry is dependant on barriers to entry. The reason for this is; that type of advertising will increase costs hence price of the products. What you need is optimism, humanism, enthusiasm, intuition, curiosity, love, humour, magic and fun and that secret ingredient euphoria. If you believe it, those around you will believe it too. You could feel it when you spoke to her. Potential entrepreneurs are outsiders. Roddick was a living example of this. They might also sap what entrepreneurial flair you have as they force you into the template called an MBA Supermarkets are now also using distribution channels as a means of entering the natural cosmetics sectors. While the former garage owner effectively won the lottery, it was Roddick who really hit the jackpot — starting a revolution she built with little more than her passion.

These sorts of things increased the confidence to the company. Now The Body Shop is an international company rapidly expanding around the world trades more than 40 countries and employs around people. Your choice. She started off selling 15 cosmetic products that she made in her garage and packaged in recycled bottles to reduce the cost.

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For the consumer this lack of conventional marketing really went against the usual ways of the beauty and cosmetics industry.

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The Reasons for The Body Shop's International Success