The spread of the religion of islam all over the world

Those who would like to know how Muslims were forced out of Spain and how Andalus slipped back to Christian authority after being under Muslim administration for a long time, should study how in our modern time Zionists massacred the Palestinians and forced them out of their home-land and country.

how did islam spread through trade

Muslims understand Muhammad to be the last of a long series of prophets, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Some converts, such as Malcolm X, wrote about their journey to Islam, thus giving us a glimpse into the reasons behind their decision.

Sunnis make up nearly 90 percent of Muslims worldwide. However, many Muslims do not support such extreme measures.

rise and spread of islam

After four years of preaching, he had only about 70 followers. Islamic Spain then came under the rule of Berber dynasties such as the Almoravids — and the Almohads —who held the entire political power of the western lands of Islam.

Although Abdullah, the ambassador of Islam explained that Arabs were even worse than what the king had described, but by the Grace of Allah and under the divine teachings of Prophet Muhammad, they enjoy a sublime monotheist culture.

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The spread of the religion of islam all over the world

Islam is the second largest religious group in France, Great Britain and U. While Europe languished in the poverty and ignorance of the Dark Ages, the Arabs were developing libraries and learning centers. Musa did not commit to a full-scale invasion, but called upon his lieutenant to take charge.

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How Islam Spread Throughout the World