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Patterson, Brown v. Although this was not blatant and a degree of voluntary racial separation was present, legal imposition did not exist.

The book also serves as a nucleus for further dwelling, as it is broad in scope, incorporating a vast majority of influences and time scales. Beginning in that decade, Woodward argued, a dramatic surge in racial extremism led to the promulgation of 'de jure' by statute segregation. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Reviewed by Michael J. In Woodward's analysis, understandings of race are changeable and unstable, and they take form in a particular historical context of social experience and political rhetoric and law. A life well spent in the pursuit of historical truth and expansion of Southern scholarship. The lectures were given before an integrated audience of academics as well as non-academics. In Plessy v. Large-scale, brutally ritualistic lynchings, often on sexual allegations, typically occurred in such locales. This is primary documentation, by a committed and highly insightful observer, of the tumultuous events that changed southern and American life in the twenty years after Brown. The second point that Woodward proceeded to make was that implementation of the Jim Crow laws was not merely a racist maneuver. Other important books Woodward used as sources include Vernon L. However, one can argue without any doubt that the black community did stand up to fight for equal treatment and to finally put an end to racial separation, even though they might have been misled by some white forces. Originally delivered as lectures at the University of Virginia in October in the wake of the Brown decision, Woodward published a first edition of Strange Career in

The book garnered immediate recognition and success with Dr. What is most striking about reading the first two-thirds of the book is how well it supports what we now understand about the formation of racial ideologies.

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It will surprise few that Strange Career remains required reading for those interested in the history of race in the South and in the United States. Another area he could have delved into deeper is the radical or Black Power movement and how the struggle for civil rights changed in after Dr.

Genre of History: The genre of history on this book is Socio-Political.

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Review of Woodward, C. Woodward went further to depict the socialization on all fronts between the whites and blacks during the reconstruction era in US history, thus arguing that racial division was not a vested phenomenon in southern society, but a relatively new concept.

King and Robert F.

The lectures were given before an integrated audience of academics as well as non-academics. The author warns us not to fall into the fallacy that the South has been traditionally racist and the North anti racist. However, this was the case for C. The scores of young blacks taking to the streets, demanding an end to racial separation admitted the persuasive effect the book had on them. The fears provoked by the encounter of relatively anonymous African-Americans and whites in urban spaces were deeply informed by understandings of gender and sexuality. Responses to the tensions of urbanization in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are at least as important a part of this story, if not a greater one. The book relies heavily on a set of speeches given at the campus of University of Virginia in as its source document. In Plessy v. Genre of History: The genre of history on this book is Socio-Political. Bibliography Woodward, C. Martin Luther King Jr. Those who want interpretations with greater context and more recent perspective will look elsewhere,[21] but Woodward's account of the era remains valuable. A number of monographs in recent decades have fleshed out our understanding of the African-American experience of Jim Crow as well as of black resistance to it. Martin Luther King Jr. In honor to his long and adventurous career, Oxford is pleased to publish this special commemorative edition of Woodward's most influential work, The Strange Career of Jim Crow.
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